Friday, December 13, 2019

A Soldier’s Conviction Free Essays

You people must know that the life of army personnel is not an easy job. Our fingers bleed with the thorns of the branches that give us roses. We pay the penalties for the benefits that we accrue as army personals. We will write a custom essay sample on A Soldier’s Conviction or any similar topic only for you Order Now The foremost reason for which I joined the army is the gift of honor and dignity that this job gives to the soldiers. From time immemorial nations distribute these gifts to the men who lay their lives for the sake of the glory of their country and for the safety and protection of the lives and wealth of their countrymen. I desired that gift and so I joined the army. I got it. My family has to bear the pangs of separation from me. Though they don’t work for the army but they suffer because I work for the army. The nature of my work takes me away from them for days on end. My son is just five years old, he loves me and feels proud of me for being an army personnel, but he wants to spend a great deal of time with her mother that she cannot afford for being an army personnel. He hates bad guys because he thinks that they are the reasons for which armies are given birth in this world. In army, people are not allowed to choose their dating partners of their will and liking. The routine of their job forbids them from doing so. My job doesn’t allow me to date with a civilian as he is not able to understand the hardships, problems and tight schedules of army life. We don’t have a big deal of spare time to spend in understanding our intended life-partners or friends. We are required to be ever ready to move at any time to any place. In this job we see people dying, wounded, brutally massacred and killed. These horrible scenes strongly affect our sensibilities and we suffer spiritually and mentally because of them. This job provokes us to mistrust the people and be ready for the worst. I have to follow so much rules and regulations in this life that I feel like a robot. I am so trained that I cannot mix and talk freely with the civilians. Yes, if you want job security and stability you can have it in army. It is a fact that now a days, in civilian jobs; people are sacked from the jobs on petty issues and small mistakes. In army we enjoy the stability of the job, as government stands guarantee, and we don’t fear that we might be kicked out on trifles. No doubt we, the soldiers, are made strong physically and mentally. I can dare to challenge anything in life because I am a soldier. We feel proud that we can be part of history by serving in operations. Take my example; I am a part of the history as serving in the operations against the Iraqi freedom AOR. My job made me eligible for many benefits such as low or zero markups on many different kinds of loans, many discounts and very attractive insurance policies. I get many traveling, dining and hoteling benefits. I enjoy many holidays here. My health is well taken care of for being army personnel. It is not just that they send you out in the field to die a dog’s death. They care you very well in the field as well as out of the field. No doubt army serves you well but disturbs you as well. Â   How to cite A Soldier’s Conviction, Papers

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