Saturday, May 23, 2020

Scholarship - Journals and Other Resources Needed to Write Articles on Teen Pregnancy

Scholarship - Journals and Other Resources Needed to Write Articles on Teen PregnancyWith a number of college students struggling with pregnancy, the demand for scholarly articles on teen pregnancy has been growing. Although the topic of pregnancy and teenage girls is not one that is commonly discussed in school, it is an issue that needs to be addressed by scholars. They can help teens understand their choices more and find support when they are at the crossroads.Scholars need to provide accurate information that parents can use to get the most out of their education. Pregnancy among college students has been on the rise in recent years. This is not an issue that should be ignored as studies indicate that many teens were put off having children because of peer pressure.If the topic is going to be addressed in academic papers, the information needs to be objective and unbiased. The topics can focus on the impact of the internet on pregnancy and childbearing, the role of the media in discouraging or encouraging teenagers from having children, the impact of social supports, how to prevent teen pregnancy among girls who are considered high risk, and the impact of teen pregnancy on the global community. All these issues should be considered to avoid any future societal issues.A good question for the authors to ask themselves is whether or not they agree with the current position of the government. The federal government has recently introduced new federal policies on the issue of teen pregnancy. Pregnant teens can receive federal money to help pay for the child's cost of living or use that money for things such as expensive classes, trips abroad, or tuition fees at a private school.Since teenage girls have a lower credit score, the parents who want to provide the funding must adhere to strict criteria. However, if the teenager is poor, the parents may have to compromise on the standard of living and other aspects of the family. They also may not be eligible for all the federal programs.An academic article can contribute to the ongoing debates regarding what is best for pregnant teenagers. In addition, it can highlight the reasons why girls should be allowed to stay in school. Another benefit is that the articles will help other young women who may be considering getting pregnant.Because parents do not always agree with the government's policies, parents are often left alone and it is the responsibility of scholars to highlight the importance of both sides. Furthermore, since articles must be written in advance of the launch of these programs, there is a chance that certain facts may be inaccurate. However, if the topics are researched thoroughly, it will be possible to have comprehensive articles available.Overall, there are several ways to fill this need. Each article that is published will help clarify the various viewpoints and contribute to the overall debate about student pregnancy. When it comes to informative essays, students will be a ble to make informed decisions as they are forced to think outside the box.

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