Monday, January 6, 2020

Essay MBA Assignement 2 - 812 Words

Mustafain Meghani OL-500-x2938 Human Behavior in Organization Dec, 2014 Chapter 2 Case Incident 2: â€Å"The Treasure Trove of the Aging Workforce.† Introduction As a healthcare provider I deal with aging population on daily basis. Although healthcare advances have affectively increased age of survival, it does not change the lifestyles and employment challenges in the elderly. Given the economic downturn in the last decade, significant amount of population had to change their retirement goals or had to return to workforce to maintain their lifestyles. As an employer it may be challenging to maintain a balance between the energy and advances gained from a younger worker versus the wisdom and maturity of a seasoned aging†¦show more content†¦Managers will also have to design training exercises accustomed to diverse ages and skill sets rather than universal approach (Aging, 2014). Policies and Age Discrimination Policies regarding raises and promotions should be based on performance rather than tenure. Developing an appraisal process is crucial that can analyze each employee on performance. Employees despite of their age should have clear understanding of expectations and performance (Policies, 2014). In a selection process the reviewer should be blinded to age as this would prevent any biased decision based on such. During recruitment and evaluation process consider experience and skills related to job requirements by eliminating the age criteria. Policies related to layoffs often focus on seniority basis and can be used just so long as it is based on years of service rather than age. Considering alternatives including reducing work hours or asking employee to take temporary part-time status will prevent employer from facing a discrimination charge. Challenges of a Diverse Workforce Diversity is beyond acknowledging difference in age, gender and ethnicity. Implementation of diverse workforce involves recognizing and combating discrimination and promoting inclusiveness. Negative attitudes and behaviors are hurdles to organizational diversity. They can be harmful to working relationships and affect work productivity. Attitudes such as prejudice, stereotyping and

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