Friday, January 31, 2020

Ethnic group Essay Example for Free

Ethnic group Essay Discussion about race and ethnicity has increased steadily over the last several years. Recent discussion has centered on whether the differences between race and ethnicity are necessary, damaging, or beneficial. There is also much to be said about race relations across the globe and many questions to be pondered. Writing about race can be difficult, and discussion about race even more difficult. The idea is that with research and knowledge, it is much easier to have an intelligent, well-informed discussion about issues that affect all of us. Listed below are some possible essay topics: Race vs. Ethnicity Is the idea of â€Å"race† a human construction that is further separating people in countries across the globe? Does science support the idea that â€Å"ethnicity† more clearly defines us, and therefore, should be how we see each other? Discuss the inherent differences and similarities between race and ethnicity and the importance of them. Race issues in American TV shows and movies Explain through examples and research how different races are portrayed on television and/or movies. Are stereotypes exploited? Are stereotypes nullified? What about the presentation of race in cartoons, e. g. , the Disney movies? Race and the criminal justice system It is commonly believed that minorities are at a disadvantage when it comes to the justice system. Is this true? Are there disproportionate numbers of minorities convicted of crimes? Racial profiling Examine the hot-topic debate about racial profiling. Consider situations that might involve profiling: driving; airport screening; renting/buying housing; shopping and shoplifting; college entrance; and job hiring practices. Discrimination in hiring The topic of discriminatory hiring practices can be explored on its own. Available research will include news reports of instances and court cases. Also review the laws in place to prevent such practice. More possible topics: Should racial profiling be a legitimate law enforcement policy in some areas? †¢Should Affirmative Action for state university enrollment be continued? †¢Should the primary method of public school funding (property taxes in individual school districts) be amended to create more fairness in schools? †¢If a university offers â€Å"African-American Studies or Black Studies as courses, should it also offer European-American Studies or White Studies? †¢How do certain television programs perpetuate racial or ethnic stereotypes? †¢Should schools only purchase textbooks that offer revised or alternative perspectives on historical events? †¢What should be done about racial disparities in the sentencing of criminals? †¢Should the American government pay reparations and return land to Native Americans? †¢Should hate groups have the right to distribute literature on university campuses? †¢If research shows that certain racial or ethnic groups receive poorer medical care on average, how should this problem be corrected? †¢Should government organizations have staff that accurately reflect the racial, ethnic, and gender balance in society? Assignment: Choose one of the above listed topics, a combined topic from above, or a topic of your own choosing that somehow relates to the issue of race and ethnicity. Research the topic, choosing at least 3 sources that you can also easily print to bring to class. This will be an in-class essay with two days of writing that will be at least 4 pages. Type a works cited page and bring it to be turned in with the essay and the printed sources.

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